What are the Dual Language benefits?

The Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program advocates the use of learning and teaching strategies that are founded on developmentally appropriate practices such as:


  • Cooperative learning
  • Thematic approach
  • Learning centers
  • Hands-on teaching and learning
  • Appropriate use of technology, music.



An Early Childhood Dual Emmersion Language Program offers unique opportunities for participating students to:


  • Develop two languages,
  • Form a positive self-image,
  • Augment a better under-standing and respect for other cultures, and to
  • Engage in a dynamic and challenging academic curriculum.



The program presents parents and the community with optimum and on-going opportunities for communication, understanding, and collaboration between home and school, as well as important and pertinent resources for parents’ own personal growth and for assisting with their children’s academic, linguistic, and social development throughout their academic life.